• January 20, 2016

A Christmas Surprise

This Christmas was an unex­pected sur­prise. Cecilia and Pawel had pre­pared a simple pro­gram of music and sto­ries. We heard the Gospel of Matthew, remem­bering the great sur­prise that first Christmas was for the shep­herds. We heard The Christmas Carol read aloud, remem­bering how much Christmas is about sharing the joy of being together, no matter how dif­fi­cult our cir­cum­stances might be at the moment. Fr Paul showed us a beau­tiful nativity scene, high­lighting how much the ordi­nary (St Joseph drying clothes by the fire) is always inter­twined with the extraor­di­nary, because the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Then, remem­bering that Jesus was born into a Jewish family in Palestine, we learned a tra­di­tional Jewish dance together! Suddenly, dancing together, we dis­cov­ered how good it is to be together and cel­e­brate that here, now, we are loved. That was the start of the most sur­prising part of the after­noon – our Christmas caroling. We had told everyone they could pre­pare some­thing to share, whether poetry or music or art and were amazed at the beauty of what each person had pre­pared. We heard solos and duets and even the whole com­mu­nity from Brooklyn sang some­thing spe­cial! We fin­ished with a song ded­i­cated to all those who have had a rough year, sung with par­tic­ular beauty by a friend who has had a pretty rough year her­self – Let it Be by John Lennon. A gentle reminder that this is what friends are for – to help us remember that we are not alone, because Emmanuel, God- with- us, has come to dwell with us in our “or­di­nary” days.

Special thanks to Carmen, Louis, Marie, Anthony, Selina, Felicia, Sergiola, and Becky!

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