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A Catholic Organization

Since it’s incep­tion in 1990, Heart’s Home has strived to be a pres­ence of warmth and con­so­la­tion to humanity as Mary was to her son Jesus at the foot of the Cross.

In 2000, Heart’s Home was offi­cially approved by the Roman Catholic Church through Estanislao Esteban Cardinal Karlic, Archbishop of Parana (in Argentina) as a Private Association of the Faithful.

Heart’s Home is acknowl­edged by the bishops of the dio­ceses where it is estab­lished.

The various branches of Heart’s Home:

Heart’s Home world­wide pres­ence of com­pas­sion encom­passes:

Lay mis­sion­aries: young lays who vol­un­teer for 1 to 2 years within Heart’s Home to live com­pas­sion among the most suf­fering people, starting with the chil­dren.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe Fraternities: lays who desire to live Heart’s Home charism in their daily lives what­ever is their call. They are mis­sion­aries at their level and share Heart’s Home cul­ture of com­pas­sion.

The Permanent mem­bers: Lays mis­sion­aries, young indi­vid­uals who ded­i­cate their lives in celibacy for the apos­tolic mis­sion.

The Sacerdotal Molokai Fraternity: priests who live their min­istry in accor­dance with Heart’s Home mis­sion around the world.

The Servants of God’s pres­ence: women who desire to live Heart’s Home charism within a reli­gious con­gre­ga­tion.

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