Heart's Home USA
Heart’s Home USA

Our Mission

Heart’s Home con­sists of small cen­ters that provide com­pan­ion­ship and one-on-one sup­port to dis­ad­van­taged and socially iso­lated indi­vid­uals, espe­cially to chil­dren.

Heart’s Home vol­un­teers base their mis­sion on the three fol­lowing pil­lars: com­pas­sion, com­mu­nity and prayer. They strive to:

  • Form personal relationships with the most suffering and isolated in deprived areas: orphanages, jails, nursing homes…
  • Welcome anyone knocking at the door and organize a wide range of cultural and educational activities.
  • Act as a link between the people in need and the appropriate resources such as public assistance and rehabilitation centers.

Heart’s Home Centers in the world

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Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Honduras,
El Salvador, Cuba, Senegal, India, Thailand, Philippines,
Ukraine, Japan, Switzerland, United-States, Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Italy, Poland, Greece
Uruguay, Costa Rica

Watch Our Presentation Movie

Watch Our Presentation Movie

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