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Ways to Support us

Heart’s Home USA relies on your gen­erosity. 78% of our annual income is pro­vided by indi­vidual donors. Your dona­tion, from the smallest to the largest is wel­come by a grateful heart and each dollar you give us is a way to take part in our work of com­pas­sion.
For more infor­ma­tion or assis­tance regarding any of the options listed here, please con­tact Cecile Fourmeaux
at 718 522 2121 or by email at cecile heartshomeusa.org.


1. Sponsor One American Volunteer

They are in their early twen­ties. They choose to go abroad in an impov­er­ished area. They give all of their time and talent to serve the poor. They need sup­port! Choose one vol­un­teer (see their story online) and become his/her sponsor. With your spon­sor­ship, you take part in a great work of com­pas­sion that brings con­so­la­tion and hap­pi­ness to thou­sands of people. The vol­un­teer you sponsor will send you a letter every other month and will pray for you and your inten­tions.

To sponsor a vol­un­teer

2.Sponsor The Heart’s Home Center In Brooklyn

The Heart’s Home in Brooklyn receives a lot of in-kind sup­port (rent, food). It takes only $500 to sup­port one vol­un­teer to live and serve in Brooklyn for one month. Along with four others, If 5 of you make a pledge for $100/ month for a year, you enable one vol­un­teer to give him­self com­pletely and bring joy to so many!

To make a secure online dona­tion

3. Donate In Tribute or Memory of Someone

Donating to Heart’s Home is a mean­ingful way to honor a family member or friend, to memo­ri­alize a loved one who has passed away, or to rec­og­nize a spe­cial occa­sion – and to help many who are in need. Your gift will be acknowl­edged by a card sent in your name.

honor a family member or friend

4. Estate and Planned Giving

Planned giving allows you to max­i­mize your income tax deduc­tion, reduce your estate tax burden, and provide income for those sig­nif­i­cant in your life. Planned gifts typ­i­cally come from a donor’s assets rather than income and can be either outright or deferred.

5. Donate your Miles

Heart’s Home sends between 10 and 15 vol­un­teers all over the world every year. The expenses in plane tickets are impor­tant and we are very grateful to all those who help us pur­chase the tickets with their miles.

6. Ask Your Company To Provide A Matching Gift

Many employers match the dona­tions that their employees give to char­i­ties. This is a won­derful way of dou­bling your gift to Heart’s Home. For addi­tional infor­ma­tion, con­tact your employer’s Human Resources office or the person respon­sible for cor­po­rate giving.

7. Spread the word

Heart’s Home opened in 2003 in the US. And there are still many places where Heart’s Home is unknown. If you are in con­tact with young adults who could be inter­ested to vol­un­teer with us or people who are inter­ested in our charism of com­pas­sion, please do not hesi­tate to for­ward let­ters from vol­un­teers or encourage them to reg­ister for the newsletter. You can also con­tact us to orga­nize a con­fer­ence or a tes­ti­mony in a school, uni­ver­sity, or in a church.

8. Pray for us

Our mis­sion relies on prayer. The dif­fer­ence we make in the lives of those we serve and love comes first from our prayers and from your prayers. Your prayers for us are of great value and we appre­ciate them very much. You can sponsor us in prayer by saying a decade of the rosary every day.

To reg­ister as a spir­i­tual sponsor, please click here.

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