• March 5, 2010

Donate your miles

If you travel often and do not have the oppor­tu­nity to use all your miles, we invite you to offer them to Heart’s Home to book award plane tickets for our mis­sion­aries. The money we would have spent on the flight can then be used to cover other costs on the mis­sion field.

Depending on your air­line com­pany and its des­ti­na­tions, the miles may serve vol­un­teers leaving for their mis­sion, or returning to the US. The miles may also be used to cover the cost of the Heart’s Home’s Visitors trips to and from the mis­sion fields, as well as for our recruiting pro­gram throughout the United States.

Meet the missionaries your miles will be used to support:
New American volunteers
American Volunteers

Please fill out the fol­lowing form, and we will send you the travel plans for a mis­sionary or member of Heart’s Home to be able to book the flight on behalf of Heart’s Home.

To receive fur­ther infor­ma­tion on how to donate your miles, please con­tact Natalia Fassano, Secretary, Dir. of Missionary Program.

  • Air Miles Contact Form

Thank you for your help!

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