• September 4, 2008

Movie Night

This article deals with 2008-2009 Movie Nights: Click here for Season 2009-2010

Heart’s Home has launched a series of Movie Nights in Brooklyn, focused on the topic of "lone­li­ness and com­pany". As com­pan­ion­ship is maybe the most nec­es­sary of all human desires, lone­li­ness appears as the most destruc­tive evil of our time. A poverty which does not spare devel­oped coun­tries.

Come and join us once month at 7:00 PM for a great movie dealing with the reality of our modern soci­eties. After the movie, we share pizza and have time for dis­cus­sion and reflec­tion.

Consult our Calendar to see when the upcoming Movie Night will be held on and join us!

For more infor­ma­tion or to reg­ister, please con­tact Paul Anel.

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