• May 14, 2011

Gala 2011 - “A Home for the Heart” -
Photo Gallery

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Bohemian National Hall Bohemian National Hall Silent Auction Silent Auction Jacques & Marie-Laure Dillies Rene-Pierre Azria & Segolene Bellat Solene Kennel Harpist Bridget Kibbey Hubert & Natalie Vieille-Cessay Mr. & Mrs. Irving Sandler & Joanne Moser Emily Sertic & Brenda Lirola Allan & Catherine Harper Anne-Laure Lespinos & Remi Brabant Sr. Regine F. & Florence Degouge Mr. & Mrs. Keeley Anne-Constance Simmonot & Nathan Douglass Olga Statz & Patrick Lachaussee Jean-Pierre Aubin & Jerome Lespinos Philiipe Treuille Mr. & Mrs. Guillaume de Lesquen Juan Avellan, Diana Moison, Joelle Collot Mr. & Mrs. Ducrot, Diana Duratel, Laetitia de Besset Cocktail Bohemian National Hall Dinner L. de Besset, Heart's Home USA President Address by Fr. Thierry de Roucy Award Ceremony : Art's Director address Award Ceremony : Sean Scully's Address Antoine Treuille, Dinner Committee President Compasssion Award Sean Scully & Fr. Thierry de Roucy S. Scully, First recipient of Compassion Award
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