• March 16, 2009

Conditions of the internship

Franck and Mayeul, NY, 2005.

Internship Objectives

To provide assis­tance to the staff by devel­oping Heart’s Home USA’s net­work in the United States, espe­cially:

    • Recruiting American Missionaries
    • Raising funds for Heart’s Home and developing its awareness.


Each intern­ship lasts between three and nine months.

Project Development

The trainees are given both short- and long-term pro­jects during their intern­ships. Projects may be notably focused on devel­oping fundraising strate­gies, com­mu­ni­ca­tion tools, and recruit­ment pro­gram.

They include con­crete goals and tasks deter­mined in coop­er­a­tion between the trainee and Heart’s Home USA staff.


Trainees are respon­sible for their own travel to and from New York City.


Trainees will be hosted by Heart’s Home USA at the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn, NY, where the offices are located. Trainees are pro­vided with room and board. Their daily expenses (trans­porta­tion, sup­plies…) are cov­ered by Heart’s Home USA.

Heart’s Home USA does not cover per­sonal expenses such as enter­tain­ment, clothes, and health insur­ance.

The trainees will take part in the life of the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity where they live.

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