• April 14, 2017

Laetitia Palluat de Besset

Laetitia Palluat de Besset was a member of Heart’s Home USA for over 8 years. She served as its President from August 2008 to July 2013.

After grad­u­ating from Business School of Management in France (EDHEC, Lille), she worked in mar­keting depart­ments in famous big com­pa­nies such as Dannon and Total. She felt, how­ever, that she was made for another calling and joined Heart’s Home for the first time as a Missionary in Haiti in 1999. She stayed there for 1 year and then went on with another two-year mis­sion in Honduras. She com­pleted a one-year pro­gram in Philosophy and Theology in France and was sent back to Haiti as a Heart’s Home com­mu­nity leader for two years. In 2007, she became a lay con­se­crated member and joined Heart’s Home per­ma­nently. Since then she has been using her numerous qual­i­fi­ca­tions in busi­ness as well as her count­less human qual­i­ties to advance the mis­sion and vision of Heart’s Home.

During her almost 8 years of pres­ence in Brooklyn, Laetitia was also par­tic­u­larly involved in our min­istry in the neigh­boring housing pro­jects, nursing homes and shel­ters.

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