• December 5, 2007

First steps of Heart’s Home USA

The first US Heart’s Home in the Bronx, NY, 2004.

Cyril was a Heart’s Home Missionary in the Bronx, where the first US Missionary house was set­tled. He shared his expe­ri­ence with us:

"How did you arrive in New York?

For a long time Rev. Thierry de Roucy wanted to launch a foun­da­tion in New York, fol­lowing Mother Teresa’s word that this city was in greatest need of Compassion.

In order to pre­pare the foun­da­tion, Rev. Thierry decided to send Aude, a former Heart’s Home Missionary . She arrived in April 2003 and met Rev. Michael Sepp, the pastor of Sacred Heart and Saint Francis of Assisi parishes in the Bronx. In October 2003, the first Missionaries arrived to live in the house that used to be the Rectory of Saint Francis of Assisi.

What is your life?

As for all the Heart’s Home com­mu­ni­ties in the world, our life is based on three real­i­ties.

First, we have a strong prayer life. We pray every day the liturgy of the hours and the rosary, we attend daily mass, and have a one-hour ado­ra­tion of the Blessed Sacrament in our Chapel. We have a spe­cial devo­tion for the Blessed Virgin Mary and for the Eucharist, which are the center of our lives.

The second aspect of our Mission is to be a loving pres­ence in the neigh­bor­hoods where we live. Our charism is to share the life of the people that are around us and to offer our friend­ship to anyone who needs it. We also go every week to the Bronx Lebanon Hospital and in the Woodycrest center to reach those who suffer from AIDS and some­times we accom­pany them in the last moments of their lives. We try to outreach the kids of the neigh­bor­hood by going to the play­grounds to play bas­ket­ball with them. We are also involved in the parish through cat­e­chism classes and the Holy Hour on Wednesday morning.

The third aspect of our com­mit­ment is the com­mu­nity life. We live in the same house and we should live this as a great expe­ri­ence of com­pan­ion­ship. We also take turns for shop­ping, cooking, washing the dishes...etc."

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