• April 23, 2014

It is possible in the States, too!

by Kari Stender, from Tulsa,Ok - Alumni 2011-2012

This past month I was graced with the won­derful oppor­tu­nity of sharing my mis­sion and the entire Heart’s Home move­ment with many people in Tulsa and St. Louis. These encoun­ters I had with Natalia caused me to really reflect on the beau­tiful mis­sion I lived in Peru. I’ve been back for a year and a half now and hadn’t really opened up and made myself vul­ner­able to sharing what I lived. I wanted to keep it to myself. Through sharing with var­ious priests, campus min­is­ters, fam­i­lies, and stu­dents along the way, I remem­bered just how beau­tiful my mis­sion was. I shared about the many pieces of gold I dis­cov­ered while living in the “mud”. For me, this was just one more way to love my friends in Peru, by sharing with others the beauty that I found amidst the suf­fering and poverty.

Through all of this, I real­ized just how pos­sible it is to live the same expe­ri­ence I lived in Peru, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tulsans, St. Louisans, Americans, have the same desire to be loved as my Peruvian friends do. Each person’s needs are dif­ferent and it is by loving them that we become aware of these. I may not be able to find some­body a job or take a friend’s test, but by spending time with them (phone and internet free and just being with them) I come to know their needs. I am able to take them and their inten­tions to prayer and ask Him to love them and bless them with the nec­es­sary graces to get through what­ever it is they are facing. Rediscovering this has shed a new light on my friend­ships here, a light which I hope never burns out.

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